Q&A with Convivial Cloth Co. founders Noah & Adam:

What is your origin story? How/when did you start making your blankets + towels?

Convivial Cloth Co. was created in the spirit offriendship & shared experience. Our linkable blankets & towels, inspired by California summers, are tailored for connecting with friends and spreading good vibes. This collection features imported handmade textiles that are designed and constructed here in Los Angeles.  We established Convivial Cloth co in the summer of ‘14


What is your creative process like? 

Our creative process is inspired by our physical environment and our friends. We constantly look for ways to enhance our lifestyle through improvements in the products we use.  Adam’s background in Graphic Design and Fashion allows for our collaborative discussions & “napkin sketches” to become real-life products.  We usually make a few rough concepts in the garage before we make a real sample.  Once we’ve had a chance to field test the product, and we love it, it goes to our sewing contractor in downtown Los Angeles for production. 


Is there a recent project or installation you created that’s your stand-out favorite? 

We’ve been really pleased with our linking blankets and towels in the Turkish cotton.  We’ve played around with a few other materials but we think for summer, this weight/material is the best.  We are looking forward to creating some great winter offerings with the same thoughtfulness that goes into our summer products.  Stay tuned for that.


We’d love to know more about your studio. Where’s your workspace? What do you like about it? 

We’re a start-up in its truest form.  Our workspace is our homes, our fulfillment center is the garage. To be honest, we created this brand so we could work outdoors as much as possible.  As such, a lot of our meetings happen over a surf session or outdoors over a coffee and/or beer.


What are your 2 pieces of advice for the 20-something who wants to follow in your footsteps?

Create something unique that you would like to buy – there is a lot of great ideas out there, but if you can find something that would make your life better and no one else is doing it, then you know you’re onto something special.

 Love what you do! – There will be many bumps along the road to building a brand.  Little to no money, long hours, sacrifices with your personal life, many mistakes, and talking about your brand like a broken record can all be the toughest parts about starting your brand.  But if you love what you do, then it makes all these hardships much easier to cope with.


What is your personal motto?

The best days are convivial!  (It’s also our hashtag #thebestdaysareconvivial)


What has been inspiring you lately? 

Our work is inspired by the definition of our brand name and the environment we live in. Convivial literally means “fond of feasting, drinking & merry company” and therefore we make products tailored for connecting with friends and spreading good vibes.  Whether it’s the beach, park, or back yard, shared experiences are at the core of our brand.